5 Winning Sunscreen Tips

5 Winning Sunscreen Tips

Book, check. Earphones, check. Beach towel, check. Bikini, check. Missing something? Of course, you are! If you plan on enjoying the sun, then you will need to invest in a good sunscreen this summer. There are so many benefits of using sunscreen and if you live in the UK, you will definitely need if for heading overseas.

What’s You Factor?

If you are going to buy your sun cream before you head away, make sure that you choose the right sunscreen. Consumer Reports says that “sun protection factor) is a relative measure of how long a sunscreen will protect you from ultraviolet (UV) B rays. The chief cause of reddening and sunburn, UVB rays tend to damage the epidermis, skin’s outer layers, where the most common (and least dangerous) forms of skin cancer occur”.

Let’s start off with the lower factors. An SPF of 15 means that you can be in the sun for fifteen times longer without burning than you’d be able to without sunscreen. The longer you plan to sit in the sun the higher the SPF you will need.

Do I Put SPF on Once A Day?

Some bottles do say that you can, however, in most cases this is not the case. If you purchase SPF 60 and leave it on all day, you will not be protected for the rest of the day. If you are in and out the water, it is obvious that sunscreens wear.

The best protection is to reapply sun cream often and take breaks from direct sunlight. Sunscreen can only protect you from sun damage, if you get burnt, there really is no going back.  Sun cream should protect you from both UVB rays (which cause burning) and the deeper-penetrating UVA rays (which cause premature aging, fine lines, and can cause skin cancer).

Do Not Use Sparingly

Don’t be shy make sure that you are wearing sun cream all over, from the tips of your ears to your toes. Having someone else apply your sun cream on areas like you back and shoulder Is the best option as it will allow you to reach everywhere which can be caught by the sun.

Cover Up

An old t-shirt for the pool is an excellent idea, however, you should never lean on clothes for protection. An average tee only provides an SPF of about 8, that is why you should always use sun screen.  An umbrella for your sunbed will also give you a layer or shade to hide from the sun. Try to get as much shade as you can throughout the day.

Bits That Can Be Missed

Ok so make sure that your sun cream is applied to your ears, behind your knees, the tops of your feet, and even your scalp. If you don’t fancy that make sure you have a hat which will cover your head and face from the sun.