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One of the biggest items to hit the jewellery world this year was Qudo rings, special modular rings that can be customised and adapted on the fly to give you infinite choice over your ring design. These rings are fun, affordable, and best of all you can buy them online and get them delivered to your door.

qudo rings

What Are Qudo Rings?

Qudo rings are elongated round piece of semi-precious stone, generally of precious metal, worn as decorative jewellery. The word “ring” itself by itself denotes semi-precious jewelry worn on the hand; similarly, the piece of jewellery worn in place of or as a replacement for a bracelet, necklace or any other form of adornment; when used as an adornment elsewhere, the particular piece of jewellery is again defined within this term, as, for example, earrings, wrist bands, neck pieces, arm pieces, and toe pieces. A gold, silver, platinum, or other precious metal ring is either worn by an individual and its wearer or worn by another person in the role of an adornment of the latter. Many people also wear other forms of jewellery, to enhance and to make up for their lack of a ring. One can think of bangles, bracelets and earrings as jewellery but they do not necessarily fall under the category of jewellery, because a ring, in itself, is a piece of fine art made out of precious metals.

qudo rings

History of Rings

The earliest known pieces of jewellery, such as the “Celtic rings” and the “Scythian rings”, were probably made of stones, but were worn by both genders alike. They may be in the form of pendants, necklaces, or earrings. In ancient times, even today, these rings have been known as the most common forms of jewellery, as they are relatively easy to manufacture.

Today, rings can be made of any precious metal and are no longer worn exclusively by women. However, a ring is still worn most commonly by men. A man’s ring may consist of several different metals, including gold, silver and platinum, with some of them being more common than others.


Modern Jewellery

Jewellery is considered an important part of the fashion statement of both men and women, since a beautiful piece of jewellery has a magical effect on all of us. For many years, rings have been seen as symbols of love and devotion, although these days, rings are also seen as symbols of wealth and social status. Even within the Jewish community, a ring is seen as something that is worn for many different purposes, from religious observance to business networking.

Rings worn on either hand are also worn to enhance or define the look of the fingers themselves, rather than be worn alone. On one hand, rings worn by men are usually made of one single metal piece of jewellery, while rings worn by women are usually made of several small items, often gold and silver. The design of a man’s ring may include a gemstone or an important stone, while the designs of a woman’s ring may be more modest and more decorative.

Men’s rings are not just for the lucky ones who have the money to buy the most expensive jewellery; nowadays, there are many affordable rings available in many styles and materials that are designed to be worn daily and can even be used as heirlooms. Many rings are made using materials that are designed to hold charms or other small objects for the wearer; these are often small, delicate and decorative, which makes it possible to keep them with them wherever they go. For women, a gold ring may be a very good investment.