Makeup Artists


There are many different types of makeup artists on the market today. An experienced makeup artist or cosmetologist is a person whose skill is the hands-on application of cosmetics, prosthetics and make-ups on others such as for entertainment purposes, fashion shows, television, movies and all facets of the fashion industry including both the modeling for the popular modeling agencies. They are trained on the application of different make-up materials and techniques to apply a variety of different colors, shades and materials to the skin of an individual depending on their specific requirements. The most common materials that are used to apply make-ups are various types of gels, powders, hairsprays, liquids, and powders.

In addition to these items, the art of applying cosmetics, makeup, and cosmetic products for the use of the public has been around for thousands of years. It is often said that it began as an apprenticeship for those who could not afford to train a new member of the trade for the most part due to the expense of materials and the amount of time it took to learn the various processes for application. This has been the case with many areas of the human service trade such as nurses, social workers, etc. As the makeup industry expanded, these individuals were then able to become makeup artists, but they also became nurses, physicians, and accountants and even some dentists. Cosmetics were first used in the 19th century as a way to protect soldiers from the sun. Later in the 20th century, a new application was created as an anti-aging substance and was used to lighten the face and eyes.

There are many different types of cosmetics available today such as foundation, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, blusher, etc. There are also many different products that can be applied on the body such as body lotion, moisturizer, powder, and lip gloss. In addition to the different types of cosmetics available on the market today, there are several different types of makeup artists available to work at various different beauty salons. Some of the different types of makeup artists include manicure and pedicure artists, skin care specialists, hairstylist, and makeup artists who work specifically for movie stars. and celebrities to apply make-ups and make-overs to their customers. There are also cosmetology students who study the art of making prosthetic and cosmetic products for the purpose of adorning the bodies of famous celebrities, politicians and other individuals that have a high level of public exposure.