Health Reasons That You Should Invest in Expensive Whisky

expensive whisky

Expensive whisky can be great when it comes to your health. Here are some of the hidden health benefits of drinking whisky.

expensive whisky

Aids Weight Loss

Whisky is an extremely low carb drink, especially when you compare it to some other drinks. This makes it a good choice for anyone who is trying to watch their weight. Expensive whisky normally tends to taste better as it had been left longer in the cask to allow the flavours to develop so if you normally drink whisky and coke, then you may be able to pass on the coke.

Cancer Prevention

Whisky also has a high concentration of ellagic acid. This is an extremely powerful anti-oxidant that has been known to naturalise cancer-causing free radicals. It’s also been known that single malt whisky contains more antioxidants than red wine, with a glass of wine containing about as much as a single shot of whisky.

Expensive Whisky and Stroke Prevention

The blood thinning properties of whisky can help lower your risk of developing a blood clot or having a stroke.

expensive whisky

Helps Treat the Common Cold

You may have already heard your granddad suggest a shot of whisky when you feel under the weather – and that saying doesn’t come from nowhere. Expensive whisky has been scientifically proven to help combat the a cold as it helps dilate blood vessels. People often drink “Hot Toddy’s” when they develop signs of a cold. This is whisky mixed with lemon, honey and herbal tea, which holds a lot of painkilling and mucus loosening properties.

Stress Reliever

Having a drink after a bad day at work is common practice for some. That is because alcohol is a great stress reliever. Now, these shouldn’t be condoned as a common practice, but as said before, in moderation whisky can be extremely affective when it comes to stress relief. Expensive whisky contains both barbiturate – which is found in alcohol, as well as being known to have sedative properties. These are both aspects that can drastically reduce stress.

Aids Digestion

For many years, whisky has been known to promote better digestion. That is why it is commonly drunk after an evening meal or before going to bed.

Can Help Prevent Diabetes

It’s important to note that drinking alcohol is not recommended for people who have diabetes. Whisky can, however, help prevent diabetes. Moderately drinking alcohol over a long period of time has been proven to regulate insulin levels. It’s also important to bear in mind that heavy drinking can increase your risk of diabetes.