The Use Of Drugs In The Sport Industry

It is no secret that many (if not all) illegal substances are banned from sports. Which includes athletes being in possession of them and consuming them. Although this law is in place throughout many parts of the world, drug use is still prevalent in the sports industry. Many athletes still rely on drugs to boost their performance and physique. However, there are major health risks that are associated with substance abuse, especially whilst taking part in sports. Any athlete who is found using drugs will be banned.

It is common for sports teams to undergo drug testing procedures regularly, to ensure no player is under the influence of drugs, and that the team is fair and equal.

Health Risks Of Performance Drugs

Performance drugs are taken in attempts to boost the athletes ability to perform, reduce tiredness, increase muscle strength, speed up nervous system, and more. Any type of drug has side effects and can affect everyone differently. However, in sport especially, after consuming drugs and then participating in high-intensity exercise, can be a very dangerous route.

Drugs like stimulants cause panic attacks and increased anxiety disorders, cardiovascular issues, gateway to addiction, and can even encourage people to feel more aggressive.

Anabolic steroids raise blood pressure, increase the risk of heart disease, disrupt menstrual cycle, and lead to kidney failure.

Growth drugs are known to be linked to heart disease, muscle pain and spasms, increased blood pressure, and even arthritis.

Teamwork Sabotage

If someone in the team is under the influence, and is abusing substances, this immediately diminishes the aspect of teamwork and fairness among the sport. If someone is using drugs to boost their performance to become the strongest, this has not been earned. Drug abuse causes a huge divide in a lot of sports teams, and it has the ability to sabotage a whole team, as well as their opposition. It is essentially seen as a method of ‘cheating’.

What Happens If An Athlete Fails A Drug Test?

If an athlete has taken a drug test and failed it, and it is found that the reason was to intentionally cheat, the athlete could face up to a four-year ban. This may vary depending on whether or not the athlete can provide enough evidence to prove that they were not intentionally cheating or that they were unaware of the most recent doping laws and accidentally misused substances.

Final Words

All athletes, regardless of sport, should always keep themselves fully up to date with drug laws, and more specifically, doping laws. Consuming substances in the hopes of boosting performance and stamina only leads to serious consequences. It puts serious strain on the heart and can easily cause a severe drug addiction. If any person believes they may be at risk of drug addiction, they should let their coach/team/authorities know in order to seek the right help and guidance needed. There is help available including rehabilitation for athletes to overcome their addiction and get back to doing what they love.