Driving Course Glasgow | What You Need To Know Before Sitting Your Driving Course Glasgow

Sitting your driving test can be daunting. If you’re about to start a driving course Glasgow, it’s good to read up on what is going to be covered so that you have a head start. There are two components to the examination process and these are the Theory Test and the Practical Test. This article will outline the kinds of things covered in both tests so that you know what to look at prior to sitting the tests. With a driving course Glasgow you can learn all of these topics in the space of 1-4 weeks if you choose to do an intensive driving course.

Theory Test

The theory test consists of two halves. These halves are the Multiple Choice section and the Hazard Perception section. In the multiple choice section, you will cover a multitude of topics ranging from the Highway Code and traffic signs to DVLA requirements and speed restrictions.

Following this will be the hazard perception test which is made up of short clips in which you will have to identify the hazard when it happens. The clips will feature the types of roads that you may drive on every day, for example, suburban streets or long country roads. For each developing hazard that you notice, you need only click once in order to gain the points for that section.

Driving Course Glasgow

Practical Test

The practical test will be made of five separate parts and will take about an hour to complete in total. Stages one through to five consists of an eyesight check; a ‘show me’ question and a ‘tell me’ question; your general driving ability; reversing your vehicle; and an independent driving section.


Faults are the mistake you may make or have made while completing the practical part of your driving test. The examiner will mark down each fault you receive and tally this at the end of the drive. Any fault you receive during the practical test will usually be for things like observations, gears and use of mirrors. The faults range from driving faults (no potential danger) to serious faults (some potential danger), up to dangerous faults (involved actual danger during the test). You will pass your test if you committed no more than 15 driving faults- considering you had no serious or dangerous faults.

Driving Course Glasgow

If you are a quick and confident learner, it is absolutely to learn all you need to know in the space of a week. A company such as All Pass Driving run intensive driving course Glasgow, that could help you achieve great results in a short space of time. All of the above is covered and more, meaning you will be more than ready for your test and on the road in one to four weeks!

Driving Course Glasgow

Happy driving!