Our Highlighter Highlights


In our eyes, you can never have too many . They are all so different which means that it is the makeup gift that keeps on giving.

Whether you like to highlight in the morning, afternoon or night, this beauty box favourite can help us achieve that dewy glow that Kim Kardashian dreams are made of. Simply mixing foundation with a drop of highlighter can change your look completely, perfect if you want that summer glow at home or away.

How To Use Highlighter

Is there an art behind highlighting? To some extent, yes.

Using too much highlighter or the wrong formula for your skin, can leave many with a rather disappointing result. If you are unsure of what to use, how to use it, and where to put it? We have created a failsafe guide for you to use.


Types of Highlighter

The main thing to remember is liquid on liquid, powder on powder. How do you finish your own make up routine and what formula do you use? We would recommend that if you like a matte, powdery finish, you need to use a powder highlighter. If you prefer more of a glow look, use a dewy foundation then tap a liquid or cream highlighter on.

When Do You Put It On?

You may have seen makeup artists put it on at different times, usually it is added last. Make sure that you have a base. If you prefer to wear minimal make up but want to try an illuminator, we would suggest that you grab a highlighter and mix it in with your moisturiser.
Liquid highlighter looks incredible if it is mixed with foundation, BB cream, moisturiser and serum. All it does is makes the look more glowy if you drop a little highlighter into the mix. We would suggest that you start with a 5/1 ratio of product to highlighter.

The more natural the glow looks the better, try to eliminate any highlighters which have glitter or shimmer particles. Experts say that “Highlighter should lend you the look of health – you do not want to look like disco ball”.

Applying Highlighter

Once you have picked a highlighter that is suitable for your skin and make up routine, it is time to apply! Remember, Placement is everything, do not just apply highlighter all over your face. When you are putting it on consider where light hits – the aim is to enhance your bone structure. Apply it to your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and bridge of your nose.

Try to apply with precision. If you are using a powder highlight, then you can add that with a small fan brush or highlighter brush. If you are using a liquid or cream formula, apply with your fingertips. Once you have applied your highlighter, it is important that you blend the edges so that you can’t see where the highlighter ends and skin begins! This is how the professionals do it, that is why you never see Kylie Jenner with a bad highlight.