Rising Damp Treatment- Protecting Your Health

Rising damp treatment is essential in order to ensure good health and to protect properties from deteriorating. This article will explain exactly what rising damp is as well as the causes and what can be done to prevent it .

What Is Rising Damp?

Rising damp is a form of damp where the moisture within a property begins to travel up the walls. Normally this is pretty easy to detect as marks appear on the walls indicating that there is moisture travelling up them as well as pieces of the interior of the property breaking odd as a result of deterioration due to the erosion from the water. Rising damp can occur for a number of different reasons. One of the most common reasons for it occurring is having a property that is located near water. When this is the case then the property is likely to be far more susceptible to rising damp as well as water ingress.

How Can Rising Damp Be Prevented?

There are a number of ways in which rising damp can be prevented. One of the most and most effective ways of preventing rising damp is contracting damp specialists to fix the problem. Damp specialists typically are well equipped to deal with any issue such as rising damp and have specialist equipment that can repair the problem within a short time frame. Another way in which rising damp can be prevented is through a property survey. Property surveys can help to determine issues before they happen in a property and are essential to ensure that older properties are prepared for inhabitants/further investment.

Rising damp treatment

Having a property survey done is like the equivalent of having an MOT test done for a car. There are several tests and inspections that are done to ensure that it is fit for purpose and not dangerous. Having this done can actually add value to your property as it shows prospective buyers that care has been taken with the property and that it is unlikely to be a massive burden.

Rising damp treatment

How Does Rising Damp Damage Your Health?

Rising damp can damage your help in a number of different ways which is why it is so essential to source rising damp treatment as soon as possible. Another issue that can occur as a result of rising damp is mould. Mould causes the build of bacteria as well as spores which ultimately lead to health conditions such as asthma , breathing problems , dust allergies etc.

Rising damp also causes condensation which in turn can lead to a property losing a lot of its heat retention abilities as its walls and insulation is damaged by the water.

Rising damp treatment

Other Ways In Which To Improve Your Property

As well as damp proofing as well as rising damp treatment there are a number of other things which you can do to help improve your property overall. One of the main ways in which you can improve your property overall is adding double glazing windows to it. Adding double glazing windows to a property can not only enhance its heat retention abilities but also increases the value of the property overall.

Overall to conclude in order to conduct effective rising damp treatment it is important to identify the issue and then have specialists remove it. Additionally it may be worth considering a property survey afterwards to identify any further issues.